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Geology of Loch Morar

Mahda Ruadh

Loch Morar ilies in an ice scoured basin lying within the Moine and Lewisian rocks of North West Scotland.

Twelve miles long and a mile wide, over a thousand feet deep and yet only yards form the ocean with its’ surface just a few feet above sea level, it is truly a unique geological feature. The relatively recent effects of the Loch Lomond Stadial Ice age which ended just 10,000 years ago have left their imprint on a landscape which is many hundreds of thousands times older.

The most obvious features of the landscape that surround the loch can be attributed to the combination of forces that accompanied the massive ice sheets and glaciers that shaped much of the West coast of Scotland that we see today.

However the underlying geology is very much older, in some places more than half the age of the planet itself. The history contained in these rocks is much harder to realize than the recent glacial features, but never-the-less can be unscrambled to reveal a past of truly epic proportions.

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